Leadpages vs ClickFunnels Comparison 2023

Leadpages vs ClickFunnels Comparison

Both Leadpages & ClickFunnels help you capture more leads and convert more visitors into customers. However, they work in slightly different ways and with different emphases.

They both can be used to create landing pages, popups, or entire websites. Also, you can create forms to collect email addresses and they offer built-in payments to help you sell simple products.

Here we’ll compare both tools in a few areas that can help you pick the right one.



Focused more on standalone landing pages Focused more on sales funnels that tie together and move visitors through different stages
Build landing pages Build landing pages
Build popups Build popups
Build entire websites Build entire websites
Visual, drag-and-drop editor Visual, drag-and-drop editor
Doesn’t offers Email marketing, you can only collect emails Offers Email Marketing
A/B testing A/B testing
No Built-in affiliate program Built-in affiliate program
Doesn’t offer Dedicated funnel builder Yes, it Offers Dedicated funnel builder
Email marketing integrations Email marketing integrations
Sell products/accept payments Sell products/accept payments
WordPress integration WordPress integration
You can’t create membership sites Create membership sites
Payment integrations:
Payment integrations:
Apple/Android Pay
JV Zoo
NMI (Gateway Funnel Pros)
Warrior Plus
See available Integrations See available Integrations
Starts from $37/month if pay annually and $49/month if you pay monthly
Starts from $127/month if pay annually and $147/month if you pay monthly
Affordable pricings A bit expensive
Try Leadpages:

If you are a new business and looking for email list building

Looking for affordable landing page builder

Need a one-step landing page and no other complex requirements.

Try ClickFunnels:

If you are an established business looking for a focused marketing solution to increase conversion.

If you need other services such as member metrics, drip content, autoresponders other than just landing pages.

Looking forward to increasing your monetising options.

If you want to create actual sales funnel that you can customise on the go.

What Is Leadpages? Short answer

I hope you find which one you should try for your business.

If you already used both Leadpages and ClickFunnels or one of them, don’t forget share your review in comment section.


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