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MilesWeb Review: Best Managed DigitalOcean Cloud Hosting for Developers

MilesWeb You might have heard or read the popular quote by Dean Kamen – “Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem, and a big idea turn into an innovation”. That’s true even in web hosting! DigitalOcean cloud was launched to make it easy for developers to develop and deploy applications.

You may already know about the simple cloud platform that offered scalability and flexibility in terms of resources. But the DigitalOcean cloud is an enhancement to it.

DigitalOcean offers a cloud platform that enables deployment, management, and scaling applications of any size, eliminating infrastructure friction and providing certainty for the developers and their teams to get more time for building better software.

DigitalOcean has multiple data centers across the globe and the infrastructure of it is used by teams and companies to build innovative, next-gen businesses on the cloud across different industries. These include adtech, eCommerce, healthcare, and financial services. It has one of the largest open-source resource libraries in the world.

It has helped to close the massive gap between platform providers and the developers that don’t want to face the infrastructure headaches and just focus on writing code. After the launch of DigitalOcean in 2012, other cloud providers neglected the software developer. The reasons were high prices, complex to navigate offerings, and the unnecessarily complex UI. DigitalOcean thought upon this and started creating simple and elegant solutions for software developers that deploy and scale their applications in the cloud by balancing the price-to-performance value. We are possessed use experience from the start through the entire product development process, which includes everything from the UI / UX to having a transparent pricing model.

Let’s now take a look at the best swadeshi DigitalOcean cloud hosting provider.

MilesWeb (Indian Web Host)

With its launch in 2012 in India, MilesWeb took no time to create its presence globally. Today, they cater to over 20K customers online with their web hosting services. They have received awards from different review companies for their performance, security, customer support, and reliability. Their range of hosting plans comprises of basic shared hosting to the enhanced cloud hosting solutions.

Their customer support team has all the expertise and helps in offering solutions to your queries just in few minutes. They ensure that you get proper solutions and your website keeps on functioning smoothly. Queries can be raised via live chat and email.

Moreover, their Tier-3 and Tier-4 data centers are built with enhanced technology and offer you the best uptime.

DigitalOcean Cloud Hosting Plans

MilesWeb Review DigitalOcean Cloud Hosting


Free DigitalOcean Server Migration: MilesWeb team has hands-on experience in migrating websites and will migrate your website with complete care for free. Also, you can tell them your comfortable time for migration and it will be done at that time only.

Install Applications in One-Click: You can install over 400 applications in just a single click. The one-click installer makes it possible for you to install applications in just a few minutes. You can install applications such as Docker, MySQL, LAMP, Node.js, LEMP, and MongoDB.

Complete Management: Their system admins will take the complete responsibility of your cloud server and secure it. You will save your time as well as energy for managing the cloud on your own. This enables you to just focus on boosting your business growth.

Expert Advice: If you don’t know which plan to go for, their cloud experts will help you. They will guide you in selecting a plan depending on your website’s requirements.

Optimizing: Your cloud server is optimized and improved so that your website performs smoothly without any issues.

System Monitoring: Your DigitalOcean resources such as CPU and bandwidth are monitored regularly. This reduces the chances of the website crashing due to sudden traffic spikes. They closely keep track of the traffic on your website.

Server Maintenance: With years of experience in server maintenance, they can easily manage your daily operations and manage your server. They take care that your server runs without any hassle and the technical errors don’t affect your website.

Data Protection: The files on your server are kept under constant observation so that your data doesn’t get exposed to hackers. Your website data is backed up daily to eliminate any data loss due to accidental error. You can restore this data whenever needed.

Regular Updates: They install updates regularly to keep the servers software updated. There is no manual work to do such as downloading and installing updates.

Security: Server vulnerability has continuously kept an eye on so that your website stays away from any malware, spyware, or unwanted traffic patterns. Due to this, your website remains secure form the viruses.

MilesWeb Customer Reviews

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Final Words

Thus, MilesWeb takes the complete responsibility of managing your DigitalOcean cloud server and helps you to manage your business and focus on its business growth. So, signup for their DigitalOcean cloud hosting and keep your business growing.

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