What is a blog? Where do you write a blog? What do you write in a blog? Why

A blog is a website that contains numbers of articles (also called posts). The word blog came from the word “weblog” or a “web log”. You can think of it as an online journal or diary that is frequently updated, although blogs are used for much more now, like online journalism.

There are numbers of blogging platforms available on the internet to start your blogging journey. Visit Most Popular Blogging platforms to create a blog.

If you haven’t got a hint of what to write about on your blog, then the first stage is to decide on a category or set of categories.

Now you should do the following

Research: You need to search on the internet about topics that you are interested in and write down the topics of some of your favorite websites.

Networking: What are things that people ask you to help with? What topics do people ask your opinion on? When you’re socializing with family and friends.

Generate Ideas and start writing a post.

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